Eliminate Seasonal Allergies with Local, Raw Honey

BCB – Eliminate Seasonal Allergies with Raw Honey


Achoo! My eyes are watery and itchy; I find the tissues and clench the eye drops. Seasonal allergies, again. Year after year, it's the same problem with no solution

...until I started beekeeping.

Seasonal allergies occur when plants start to produce pollen, a powder-like substance that helps plants make seeds and reproduce.

Luckily, our honey bees are pollinators!

Our bees collect pollen and nectar as food for their entire colony, and in turn pollinate other plants.

How does this help my allergies?

Ah, I'm glad you asked! The bees bring back the pollen to their hive and convert the nectar into honey.

Local, cold-extract raw honey is extracted from the hive without the use of heat. This preserves all the essential nutrients of the hive within the honey, including POLLEN.

By consuming, daily, a tablespoon of local, raw honey that contains pollen from local plants, 5-6 weeks prior to Allergy Season, you will see a reduction/elimination is allergy symptoms.

You can't expect any generic store-bought honey to work because:

  1. It is most likely liquid, pasteurized honey that contains ZERO pollen.
  2. It is most likely contains corn syrup and/or imported honey. 

Buy honey from your local beekeeper, and make sure to ask WHERE it was produced and if it is COLD-EXTRACT RAW.

All of our honey is produced throughout the Lower Mainland and Northern British Columbia. Our bees pollinate on the same flora you are allergic to.

From hive to jar, we are there every step of the way.

This is our guarantee to you.

Eliminate Seasonal Allergies Once & For All, Shop Raw Honey 





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