About Our Honey

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Each jar contains pure, unpasteurized honey. Locally produced, our honey is harvested from our very own ethically managed hives in farms not too far from where you live, across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

At our Honey Farm, we pride ourselves in selling raw, natural, unpasteurized honey–it's the way nature intended. We farm using organic practices on Non-GMO crops.

Dr. Tabari uses a cold-extraction method that allows the honey to retain its full benefits: vitamins, antioxidants, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

Cold-Extracted Raw Clover Honey is his specialty. For commercialized honey to stay liquid and have a longer shelf-life, it must be filtered. In order to filter honey, it needs to be heated to some degree to be able to pass through a filter.

Unfortunately, during the pasteurization process, most, if not all of the goodness from the honeycomb is lost due to the heat. All the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients are thereby destroyed. Pasteurized honey sold in stores is just a “sweetener” from honey.

Dr. Tabari’s raw honey is unpasteurized and unfiltered. It retains the goodness of the honeycomb: the bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly.

To ensure you receive all the nutrients of the hive, shop directly from the source: Your Local Beekeeper.